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The corpses are piling up outside.

Only problem is they don’t stay dead long, and when they get their rotting hands on you it’s only a matter of time until you join ‘em. Luckily, you’ve been clued in to a safehouse up the road. Can you fight off the horde and make it to Harbor City alive, or will you and your companions burn out in a blaze of glory?

Brain Food is part of a series of FREE pamphlet scenarios compatible with the tabletop survival game, Cast Away. Included in this official series are the adventures:

Cursed Crystal - a fantasy escape 

Ground Control - a space odyssey


Written by Joe O'Brien & Reilly Qyote

Art & Design by Rugose Kohn


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Hi, just to tell i've played this morning a party with Brain Food and another one with Ground Controll. I really liked them and not only my 2 PCs survived ^^ Really, those modules are very cool and i can't wait the next ;)

For my next Ground Control, i think i'll drop some Zombies in the corridors ^^

Yes!! Love to hear that you had fun with these modules. Hadn't thought about putting zombies into the space station but now that you bring it up, I think that would work really well. Perhaps an infection broke out while your party was riding the elevator up, so they have no idea what they are getting into when they arrive. Sounds fun! So happy you are having a good time.


You're welcome. I really like Cast Away :)


Thanks a lot :D !!!! I will survive!!! I hope ^^